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Thread: White Ant Problem

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    White Ant Problem

    Does anyone have an issue with white ants in their home in Aruba?

    I have noticed them around my foundation. I did some research and learned that these ants can be very destructive to the foundation as they eat cement.

    I contacted an exterminator company through our property manager. The exterminator went to my home today and did confirm the presence of white ants. So far, there has been no real damage. They said they would have to drill into the foundation and insert insecticide. I am waiting for the estimate.

    Does anyone have this issue or had this issue in the past?



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    Exclamation Not ants

    Hi David

    "White ants" is really Termites and they feed on cellulose, which would mean that they would target the wood and not the cement.

    What you normally will see it their shelter tunnels, which is quite amazing to look at, but not near your own house .

    You really need to deal with them asap, as they work quickly.

    I have had them at my house once, but my gardeners too care of them immediately. (I have my gardeners do my pest control as they are normally the first to see the signs).

    Hope you come out victorious in the battle .

    Good luck


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    Thanks for the info Carsten,

    I think that we caught the problem in time as our home is less than one year old.

    I noticed their nest directly attached to my house foundation and you are right, they are white termites. Hopefully, it will be an easy fix.


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    We have our house checked and sprayed twice a year.

    There is evidence of past termite damage, but nothing since we purchased it. I have an idea it was while the house was being built and the builder took care of it imediately.
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    A place that you really have to check is the wood part of your house -
    roof and ceilings - if they get in there you can have major problems

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