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Thread: windows in aruba

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    windows in aruba


    I am attempting a crazy task! I am importing lumber and lots of other stuff from Miami to Aruba. One thing Home Depot does not have is the type of Alluminum windows we need (with Arch) they said they only have Vinyl but they said that Vinyl is better for caribbean as it cannot Oxidize? Does anyone have any knowledge about Windos and if Vinyl is ok (double pane of course) (Hi impact for hurricane)


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    1st let me say lots of luck with the windows. Anyone who knows what I just went through with a simular window situation. With H D in Miami and Lowes. It seems that Jen Weld and the Anderson as well as the Pella were not avaiable in the configurations we wanted due to the DP rating of the windows.
    Well this is what I ended up with Bista Bonita windows in Aruba.
    It comes by chance that his windows are ordered out of Miami from a company called Lawson Windows they have a web site that you can ck out there windows. Well if you dig deep enough into the web site you may find what you are loooking for. You can order your windows in Lo E glass,Tinted on one pane on different type of glass manufactures. I found if you email Bista Bonita with your spec's he will quote you in an Email.
    He was very patient with me as I kept tring different combination of windows to meet my budget.
    Then the contractor I hired helped with some of the decisions on the windows.
    You may find this is a little better plus you are not responsible for any damage during shipping or theft that may or may not occur as it will be the responsibility of your contractor.
    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Norman, because my plans are just being made up i am able to adjust the window sizes to possibly be a "standard" size window which might save me lots of money. I already got quotes from Bista Bonita for single and double pane and it was almost the same price as here in Canada. I will try to get quotation from Miami and if i can save money then i will import them but if there is not such a big price difference then i will forget the window situation. You are amazing and thank you for your info it is greatly appreciated

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