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    Smile Work in Aruba

    Hi everybody!

    My name is Ted and I come from Sweden! I have a dream and that's to go to Aruba and start working in the hospitality business down there! I've been away for one year in Australia travelling/working and that was absolutely amazing. I'm very social as a person and love travelling! I've been working in the hospitality business for about 5 years as a waiter/barman. I'm going to do a ski season in a Hotel now for 5 months in the northern part of Sweden. But I would love to go to Aruba next year! I don't know that much about Aruba so i would love to get some advice!
    Is there some kind of working visa that you can apply for?
    Is it hard to get a job down there?

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    Welcome to the forum , but I would not pack your bags quite yet except as a tourist

    The island has very strict employment laws which favor Arubans. In addition there are very strict residency requirements as well.

    Read this category especially these threads

    FAQ's: Jobs/Moving/Living/Business in Aruba

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    Hi Ted,
    I am from the UK , and living and working here. I have a business for sale ( apartments at the beach ) if you want to send me a private message

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    Hi Andrew,
    What type of business do you have? is it still for sale?

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