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Thread: Working in Aruba

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    Working in Aruba

    Hello forum friends. This past May we visited paradise for our 6th time. Our adult sons joined us and our older one fell in love with the island, its people, culture and food. He is 27 years old and is a talented chef at a very large law firm in Boston. Over the past few months he has been asking me about working in Aruba as a chef. He specializes in institutional cooking. I have shared with him, some of the information I have seen on this forum about working and living in Aruba. Is his dream totally out of reach? How difficult is it for someone his age and with ambition to attempt something like this?
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    Work in Aruba

    pls tell your son to check post 2 on the thread that i linked.

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    Aruba is always in an internal gastronomic competition to be the best! All of the Chefs from the 5 star to the mom and pop, go out of their way to provide the most amazing dishes. Cooking is truly part of Aruba's culture and first rate service. Your son's best luck would be to apply at one our our luxury resort brand names corporate office and then get transferred down to the island. There are other ways, but that would be contacting the restaurants directly. Good luck, come back soon.

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