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Thread: Working permit

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    Working permit

    Hi there,

    For a while now I have been thinking about moving to Aruba and was wondering the following. I am born in Curacao and moved to the Netherlands since I was 7 (so an antillean). Do I need a working permit or can I just find a job and hop over ? This is what I found in posts on the forum but not sure if this is after 5 years of working or not:

    Sevinger stated before the World Broadcast that the cooperation agreement between Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles would finally be implemented. Antilleans will be accepted automatically once they have found a job and residence.

    Thanks in advance,

    NB: I am working in the financial / IT sector at the moment and not sure if that sector is big on Aruba or jobs can be found easily?

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    Since no one has answered you and I certainly don't know the
    answer to this. Your best bet is to contact the Netherlands and/or
    Aruba consulates.

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