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Thread: Do I need a light jacket/sweatshirt?

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    Do I need a light jacket/sweatshirt?

    First time going to Aruba.. less than 1 month away.. I know it is windy, but will I need a light sweatshirt or jacket for the evenings? I would rather use the room for other items if not needed

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    probably .
    that being said, there were a few times between jan 20 and feb 4 that i could have used one during the early mornings sitting out and securing my spot at the beach/palaypa.

    some of the casinos and restaurants keep their air conditioning pretty cool and you may need a sweater or cover up inside.
    pack it and hope you will not need it.

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    I always wear a light sweater on flights because I'm usually chilly on planes, and when I go to Aruba, I dress light for the gorgeous weather there rather than for the weather that I'm leaving. I'm not sure that I remember ever needing one anywhere on the island, but I'd rather have one available than not.
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    Niether of us pack sweatshirts or jackets. We do however pack something that is longsleeve and very light. For Mimi it's usually a light sweater, for me a cotton shirt.

    Very seldom we've ever needed them outdoors. It usually happens when we'd like one because it's slightly cool, there back in the room.

    There are a few restaurants however, where the temp is always on the cool side. Mimi always takes her sweater just in case.
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    Something real light, its basically only in the restaurants or casinos you may need it.



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    I layer a long sleeved white shirt over a tee on the plane, along with a windbreaker jacket for warmth leaving New England. I've used the white shirt for sun protection, never needed the jacket! I also pack a couple of pashmina shawls to use at night, but have only needed them for indoor restaurants, and we usually eat outside -- a nice tank top is fine fot that, as it really is HOT! I don't think I'd bother taking a sweater or sweatshirt.

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    I grew up on the Island and assure you that you will not get cold. The trade winds keep the Island cool. While growing up there I never wore anything but a T shirt and shorts unless I was dressed for church and those were to many clothes on for me. If your going to do the Island thing, T shirt, shorts, straw hat and flip flops. If your going to do the tourist thing, dress as you would at home in summer.

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    I have never needed any. Usually wear polo shirts at night. Now some women will feel a chill in restaurants and casinos if having arms/shoulders bear as some places do have good AC.

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    I always take a light sweater with me to Aruba. While I don't use it often, there have been a few evenings where it was nice to throw over my shoulders sitting outside, and as others have mentioned, to use inside restaurants and casinos where the a/c is on. Otherwise, have not had a need.

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    Eleven trips....never took one, never needed one.

    ....Cindyo did, however.
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