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Thread: Excluding Forums

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    Excluding Forums

    Is there a way/tool to permanently exclude certain forums from showing up in search results?


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    are you inquiring of only
    certain categories/forums here?

    no, i do not think so.
    but, i will make the inquiry
    or you can go to

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    Not the entire forum... I'd like to exclude some of the postings appearing from sub-sections in the "Where to Stay" section - specifically, "Hotels" and "Time Shares". Thx.

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    i went to my profile
    then to general settings
    and all of the setting options...
    (no option for eliminating sub forums)

    • Invisible Mode on
    • Invisible Mode off

    Invisible mode allows you to browse the forums without appearing in the 'Currently Active Users' lists.

    vCard Download:
    • Allow vCard Download
    • Don't allow vCard download

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    If you want to keep your email address private, do not allow vCard downloads.

    Messaging & Notification

    Receive Email:
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    From time to time, the administrators and/or other members may want to send you email notifications or messages. If you do not want to receive email from certain people then you may disable the options here
    Default Thread Subscription Mode: Do not subscribe Through my control panel only Instantly, using email Daily, using email Weekly, using email When you post a new thread, or reply to a topic, you can choose to automatically add that thread to your list of subscribed threads, with the option to receive email notification of new replies to that thread.

    Private Messaging
    • Private Messaging:
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      If you do not want to send or receive private messages, you may disable the private messaging system.
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      • From all members

      You may limit the receipt of private messages to just moderators and your contacts. Other members who attempt to send messages to you will be told that you have disabled private messaging.
    • Email Notification of New Private Messages:
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      The forum can send a message to your email address to inform you when someone sends you a private message.
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    • Sent Private Messages:
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    • Likes Notifications:
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    Ok. Thanks anyway.

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    try ADVANCED SEARCH (just below the cover photo on the right)

    Search In

    Search Type: Forums Posts Groups Group Messages

    Search for Posts

    • Search Entire Posts Search Titles Only

    User Name:

    • Find Latest Posts by User Find Threads Started by User
    • Exact name


    Additional Options

    Search in Forum(s):
    • Search All Open Forums Search Subscribed Forums Aruba Community Bonbini / Welcome Aruba General Airlines & Airfares Getting Around on Aruba Let's meet up in Aruba My Aruba Story Culinary & Culture Family Vacations Nightlife Your Aruba Photos and Videos Activities & Sports Shopping Weddings & Honeymoons Moving to Aruba Where to Stay Hotels Timeshares Apartments & Condos Villas & Private Residences General Where to Stay Aruba Lounge Helpful Tips Aruba Snippets Off Topic Nederlandstalig Forum Algemeen Verblijf Attracties & Sportmogelijkheden Moderator Area Moderator discussions Infraction and post reporting discussion OLD: Timeshares
    • Also search in child forums

    Find Threads with:
    • At Least At Most
    • Replies

    Find Posts:
    • Any Date Your Last Visit Yesterday A Week Ago 2 Weeks Ago A Month Ago 3 Months Ago 6 Months Ago A Year Ago
    • and Newer and Older

    Sort Results by:
    • Title Number of Replies Number of Views Thread Start Date Last Posting Date User Name Forum
    • in Descending Order in Ascending Order

    Show Results as:
    • Threads
    • Posts

    Save Search Preferences Clear Search Preferences

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    You can search a single forum category rather than the entire forum. For example, if you're looking for a restaurant, go to the culinary forum and search there. There is a 'search forum' button to click on.

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    I was hoping to have a permanent exclusion implemented so that when I click on "New Posts" it would only show posts relative to the threads I'm interested in. I'm sure there's a way to do it. I was just hoping somebody had a quick cheat sheet. If I figure it out, I'll post the "how".

    Thanks for the suggestions though!

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