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    iced tea

    since most of the resorts seem to have a mini fridge of sorts what we like to do is bring down the little tubs of crystal light iced tea..we go to a market and buy the cheapest 2 quart botlle of whatever, usally is apple juice for around $ we have a container to make the iced tea in..we bring down basically a tub of crystal light for every day we are in we have cold iced tea to drink every day and don't have to spend alot of money on it and it's easier than packing a container from home..when we're done we just toss the container..
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    Great idea, until now I always brought one thanks for the tip

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    I usually bring some sort of Drink Mix. I LOVE Arizona Diet Green Tea......they do make a DECAF version but I've never found it in the store, so I ordered it on line..................One "Tub" makes a weak tea in a 3 liter Poland springs bottle. at least I drink more water this way. At HOME, if I get really energetic, I make the tea, freeze in in ice cube trays and use THAT ice for my tea.

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    Those drop in things are also nice. I've seen crystal lite, 4c's, and wylers. The kids like the fruit punch, we like the rasp ice and peach ice teas.

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