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Thread: Locks for luggage??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadd View Post
    The TSA is required to leave a note if they open your bag. If your lock indicates that it has been opened and there is no note, you should notify the nearest security personnel.

    They have opened my dive bag on every trip in the last two or three years.

    thanks Chadd...they have only done it once to our knowledge before we got the locks and there was a note...I bought the locks after that just in case "someone" forgets to leave a love note for us the next time or in case next time it's not TSA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    We received a "love note" from the TSA on the way to Aruba

    I should have added, that we did have our TSA approved locks on our luggage. The locks were locked and undamaged when we arrived in Aruba. So no harm done and nothing missing.

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    i used TSA locks for the first time this past trip.

    I didn't want to put the Engagement ring in my carry on, or on me. As the idiots at TSA, might out me with the ring, and the whole beach side plan was ruined. So i bought the locks, put the ring in several socks, then bundled with a shoe, then in a pair of shorts.

    I could just see them telling me they want to check my bag, i whisper to them its an engagement ring, and the person says, " what, an engagement ring" in a loud, annoying voice?

    I have a huge rant on the American TSA agents at Aruba airport, but i'll save it.

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    u put the ring in CHECKED luggage?
    man o man were you lucky............that your ring was not lost and that "she said yes"

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