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Thread: Looking to rent a car from july 20-aug 10 2013 any suggestions

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    Looking to rent a car from july 20-aug 10 2013 any suggestions

    I need to rent a yaris or equal for three weeks any suggestion? Norm

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    Car Rental

    check out this thread

    paul and I have always been pleased with Tropic but there are many great agencies

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    I have noticed more competition, which is good for customers........however the simple adage is to be smart and practical versus chasing "the too good to be true." We've rented from several but lately Jay's gets the nod for us........something simple, practical and functional and won't break down!!

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    Madame Janettes, Rumba's, Driftwood, El Goucho, Marina Parata all for dining. So many places. I love the shopping in town as well as shopping by the Highrises. I go in & out of all the hotels.
    We rent from Royal usually pay about 180 a week.

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