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Thread: Vacation Vault

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    Have used my vault for 2 days so far at the Stellaris. Looped it thru my beach bag zipper and to the chair. Worked great. A must for those who are leary of leaving things on their chair. Saw them at the Juggling Fish next to Hard Rock. Pick one up there while shopping. cindyo
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    I bought one this year in Aruba and used it for 2 weeks, it was great. It really gives you peace of mind while in the water or walking on the beach.

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    We used our new VV everyday too. Not that we'd ever had any trouble in the past in Aruba, but it gave us that extra peace of mind. We also hooked the straps to my beach bag in the lock, so we didn't have to worry about it either. Not that it would keep someone from rummaging through the bag, but more that nobody could do a quick grab and run.
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    I just bought a vacation vault today at The Container Store on sale for $20 -- regular price $25. They sell in online as well at . I think I got a pretty good bargain, so I picked up two (for some future gift?). I certainly can imagine using it in various scenarios beyond next week's vacation.

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    Wow - that's a great price! Good buy!

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    Vacation vault

    Well after reading this thread I have checked every single site listed on here and more re getting a vacation vault. I cant find one in Canada and all the rest of the companies, including the container store, want $50 to $75 to ship a $30 item to Toronto. I tried emailing a few to ask that they just send it regular mail as it's too expensive for me and they said no. Apparently they want proof it's delivered due to scam artists in the past saying they didn't receive their package, hence FedEx only. I even tried getting the alternative Pac Safe. Same thing. Any ideas for me guys? Can't find one in Toronto or Canada online or in store. How much will it cost me to buy in Aruba. No point renting for two weeks.

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    Earlier this year Randi posted this on this thread...
    Quote Originally Posted by Randi View Post
    I saw the vacation vault at the Lazy Lizard at the Playa Linda (facing the ocean) being sold for $49.99 in December.

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    it will run you about $49 in aruba.
    can be bought at juggling fish and lazy lizard.

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    I got my Vacation Vault at the Container store before we came down to Aruba - LOVE it!! Room keys, camera, wallet, with plenty of room to spare. I wish it were slightly taller so my nook could fit also.
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    My worked great also except that I put my reading glasses in it and I had to get my son to dial the combination so I could open it back up. Might have been the Capt/cokes too.

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