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Thread: Aruba Aloe Disappointment

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    Senior Member Liz - Aruba Lover's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by smoki View Post
    Is this the same store at the airport? I always buy a few things while I am waiting for my flight. Please tell me it isn't so?
    Sorry to say it is so.

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    Saw Aloe man a week ago.... He was dressed as his usual cool self

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    I saw Aloe Man almost every day at the beginning of July on the Radisson beach.... he seems to make the rounds daily.

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    Has anyone bought from the Aloe man?

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    Hey folks....

    Andre, the Aruba Aloe Man, is on the beach, every morning, from the far south end of the Tamarijn to the north end where the rocks start (or stop, depending on how you look at things) up past Passions. Other than that, you could likely find him in San Nicolas on any given night. Probably at Charlies, considering that seems to be the endorser on the bottle.

    Aruba Aloe Disappointment-aaa-aloe.jpg

    And yes, we have bought his aloe, and yes it works on burns, and scratches (as a soother), yes it works for bronchitis and SOME chest issues, don't know about asthma, works for skin care, hair conditioning (whatever that may refer to) and ulcers, and yes, you do have to get past the smell and the taste (if you ingest it). But the point is, it works, it's the real deal, it's not processed as most "remedies" you purchase across the counter are.

    Andre also touts it as a version of Aruban Viagara, but I wouldn't put any bets on that. Seemingly everything they drink is some sort of Viagara....

    Have fun in the sun, think about those of us who can't be there, yet....

    Bon nochi
    Mr. Ratt
    "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got..."
    Aruba.... May 12, 2018... 3pm at the Tamarijn, see you there.

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    here he is….

    Aruba Aloe Disappointment-149504_1536820452836_7710549_n.jpgDa Man…..

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