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    Aruba Discounts

    dushi deals

    check out this new site for maybe good deals/discounts

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    Posted by Aruba Daily on November 27th, 2012
    Since a few weeks there is the first online discount website for Aruba with great deals for diners, spa treatments, hotels, airline tickets and discounts for the best stores on the island. The discounts can go up to 70%. Registration at is for free and the users only have to give up their email address. The more people register at DushiDeals, the higher the discounts. Members get the new DushiDeal every day via e-mail, which can immediately be purchased.

    The deal is for sale for only a limited number of hours. Every deal has a clock, which makes it easy to see how long the offer will be still online.

    Via an e-mail the members get a message with the new DushiDeal, in which you can directly buy the deal online. At the DushiDeal of the day, you will see a clock that count down to zero and afterwards you can not purchase this deal anymore and there will be a new DushiDeal. This rapidly growing discount concept started at Curacao and Bonaire, but it is now coming towards Aruba.

    As soon as the deal of the day ends, you will receive an email with a coupon which has a barcode. This is your proof of payment. Then, you can start to enjoy your ‘DushiDeal’.

    In America and beyond, online discount websites are already a big success, for both the entrepreneurs as for the members. And now it is finally in Aruba! With more than 20.000 active members, more than 3.400 Facebook friends, 4.000 Twitter followers and hundreds of entrepreneurs who participate, DushiDeals has been a success from the start.

    Do you want to go for a delicious dinner or a nice stay at a hotel with 50% to 70% discount? Then register via and keep updated about the newest DushiDeals at Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

    For more information on this online discount website for Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, go to

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    Thanks Andrea

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