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Thread: Best places to buy cuban cigars

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    Best places to buy cuban cigars

    In the past I have bought in one of those mom and pup huts by Texas de Brazil. Anyone have any other ideas where to buy or where they have good pricing. I figure avoiding the hotels is the best bet.

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    renaissance private island, iguana joe's, madame janettes..
    the cigar store in the mall underneath the renaissance marina hotel has a nice selection and if you spend over $100 they give you 20% off your purchase..their sister store in royal plaza mall also does the have to ask for the discount..they will wrap your purchase up to look like a gift and you can put in your luggage and take home..never had a problem..
    scott and tricia

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    If it's the one where the women typically work the counter then I've used that store many times. They are great. The one in the Swiss mall just a few blocks north of there has some cigars I find questionable. There's a huge market for counterfeit Cubans and praying on tourists is the primary goal.
    The other place I frequent is the little hut by Salt & Pepper. I believe the name is Benlo or something like that. te owners names are Ryan & Marcia. It's small but the prices are reasonable and I've never seen anything in there but the highest quality cigars.

    FYI, purchasing any Cuban product, even for consumption outside of the US (in Aruba) is illegal. Of course they can only catch you heading into the country with it, so smoking cigars on the island is safe. I tend to bring back a box every year. I make no effort to hide it and it's been spotted many times by customs (which is located on the Island) and they've never said anything. I'm sure if I tried to bring back 4 or 5 boxes it would not work well, but the one box is overlooked.

    If you want to enjoy your cigar while on the island, I could not recommend any stronger Garufas.
    I go there most evenings when I'm on the island.
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    Costa Linda, Renaissance Ocean Suites, any place where there is a beach and tiki hut I am good 8)
    The one in the mall that sagman17 recommended is what I recommend as well. They have good deals and VERY good cigars. My father in law has been going to Aruba for 20 years and always buys them there.

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    Small store at the Moomba bar is another

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    Divi links, pool, beach, lighthouse, Arikok National Park, etc.
    My hubby always gets hand rolled Aruban cigars at Aruhiba.

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    Official US stance is at the link below. Not saying I would disobey the sanctions set forth by the USA, but if one were to very carefully remove the bands and store them in maybe a pill bottle in a different suitcase, there were be no reason for the cigars to be questioned. I have never seen anyone have problems that may have used this procedure.

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    32,244 husband has brought home cuban cigars moderator i am required to post the applicable section of the rules.

    from the rules
    Do not intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, including but not limited to any regulations having the force of law while using or accessing " Community Forum" or in connection with your use of " Community Forum" in any manner.

    ok so i posted it.

    someday cuba and the usa will kiss and make up and this will be a moot point.
    we are getting close on the usa loosening their embargo regs on cuba.
    "close, but no cigar"

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    My husband always used to buy the Cubans until he tried the Aruban cigars at Aruhiba. Now he only buys there. Says that they are as good if not better and we like to support the local economy in Aruba.

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    Cigar shop right on the first floor of the Renaissance Mall is really good and they have great prices too

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