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Thread: Bring from home or do FULL grocery shopping there?

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    We didn't bring anything there (were there last week) but our bags were never even looked at going in. Coming home, we still had a little bit of leftover cheeses that I stuffed in my carry-on figuring we could eat while waiting for the plane. Stating that we had them got us pulled aside and checked by US customs but they said anything but meats was fine. I'm assuming that is just coming back into US? We flew Jet Blue.
    Superfoods was open on Sunday with limited hours (until 2pm). I'm glad we didn't pack food - grocery shopping was actually tons of fun down there. We loved checking out all the lunch meat and cheese selections and different beers, crackers, etc. Our grocery bill was around $125 USD for eggs, bread, milk, American cereal, OJ, lunch meats and cheeses, granola bars, crackers and 3 6packs of beer (which we did discover later is only about equal to 2 6 packs because they are so small!) There were plenty of meats and cheeses my picky kids were willing to eat and while we tried their brands of crackers because they were a fraction of the cost of our American brands - they did have Triscuits, and a few other known brands if you wanted to know what you were getting. The beers were probably about $2 per beer (but not the 12oz size we are used to!) if bought in a 6 pack or a little more if bought singly.

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    We never bring any food. We rent a condo with full kitchen and provision for breakfast, snacks and lots of beverages. Every visit we seem to add another local place to dine, get to mingle with the locals and enjoy the local fare. We hit the pool mid morning til mid afternoon and then beach crawl the happy hours. Usually once a week we'll go upscale and dine on the beach. Over the years our costs have really shrunk this way and we have a blast.

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    We didnt bring any food down this time and made a mistake by stopping at Superfoods first thing when we got there. We later found Save-A-Lot by mistake. We shop save-a-lot at home and went in thee in Aruba. They had all the same goods as in the US and were much cheaper than Superfoods. From now on, we will be shopping at Save-A-Lot first then getting our other stuff from Super Foods or Lings. Save a lot is on the same street as Superfoods and Kung Fu? Just keep driving and it will be on the left side.

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    I usually bring my own gravy to have a dish of my own pasta...I sometimes bring the little boxes of cereal (the one serving kind) and snack I may want (weight watcher bars or cookies)
    Last trip I made calzones and froze them to take.... and we actually got stuff from Omaha Steaks they were ok....then go to supermarket for other stuff



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