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Thread: Cake? or even cream cake?

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    Cake? or even cream cake?

    Hi everybody,
    I'm making my first trip to Aruba in less than 3 weeks (hooray!) and I'm excited. It's going to be a big deal because it's my boyfriend's birthday while we are down there. He has been down for his birthday before with his parents, and they are pretty sure that there is no place on the island to get a cake. Now, I'm thinking...there are weddings down there, where do they get their cake? Does anyone know where I can get a cake?
    Bonus points...we have a gluten allergy in the family, so traditional cakes are ok, and I will really appreciate any hints about where to get them, but does anyone know if and where we could get an ice cream cake so everyone can enjoy the festivities?

    Thank you so much everyone!
    Have a great day!

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    hi and welcome to the community forum

    check out these threads re: bakeries.


    Birthday Cakes

    yes birthday cakes are made and sold on aruba!

    i am not certain about ice cream cakes.

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    If anyone likes the ice cream cakes, they do sell them at the cinnabon beside the Wendies. They are really good. They have all different sizes. All the bakeries in the grocery stores have the cakes. Down in Saveneta, there is a House of Cake. They have all kinds of goodies. We just found that the Ritz branch has the best ice cream. There is one across from where the containers come in and there is one in Saveneta on the main road right down from the House of Cake.
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