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Thread: Chewing Tabacco in Aruba?

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    Chewing Tabacco in Aruba?

    Might seem dumb, but does anyone know if you can get chewing tabacco in Aruba. I have a friend coming who likes that. I only ask, cuz I've been to some places that for some reason can find it.

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    not a clue.
    there is quite a bit of tobacco products behind the service counter at Lings grocery.
    cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco....unsure if there is chewing tobacco.
    tell your friend to bring his from home.

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    Ruba Reggae, down off the main street when you're coming into Oranjestad, the street across from the bus station (around the corner from Diamonds International), would likely be the best place to look. They carry a large selection of tobacco products, and I'm pretty sure they have chaw.
    You can only look. And if I'm not mistaken, I think I saw some at the grocery store, that would be Lings... in the tobacco section behind the turnstile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    ....unsure if there is chewing tobacco.
    tell your friend to bring his from home.
    And his own spitoon if he will be on Eagle Beach.
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    I haven't seen chewing tobacco anywhere but you can check from tobacco sellers if they have. However the wise choice is to take some with him when he comes there

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