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Thread: Christmas at Superfood

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    Christmas at Superfood

    This year Superfood has different prizes on their scratch to win cards that they give out when you buy your groceries. One of the prizes is a 3 minute free shopping spree in the store. If you won, what would you "buy" in the 3 minutes. For me it would be wine, Xmas Ham. Canned and dry goods.

    So, what would you select?

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    CHEESE!!! and their prepared salads and seasoned/marinated meats
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    ( i would have my freezer ready and waiting)

    for the 3 minutes..........
    seafood.... much fresh wahoo, mahi, real grouper if available, huge prawns.
    meat...... rib eyes
    liquor..... baileys, kahlua, cognac,
    from the health/ much aruba aloe products as i could load in the cart in the remaining time

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    In 3 minutes I would clear out every bottle of nice wine and be ready to open my own high end wine store, lol.

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