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Thread: Do any electronics stores deliver to the hotels?

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    Do any electronics stores deliver to the hotels?

    Hello all,
    I am a diabetic and my testing meter battery died this afternoon. I am trying to find a store either within walking distance to the Marriott Surf Club or that would deliver. If anyone has any ideas of where I might be able to find a CR2032 battery near the Marriott, I would be truly grateful!

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    there is a BOTICA in NOORD on Palm Beach Rd
    Santa Ana is the name of the store i think.

    there is another Botica near the hospital EAGLE. Eagle closes at 7.

    also there is a medical supply that delivers...

    For rental reservations,
    contact us by:

    Phone: +297-582 6651 or +297-583 1756
    Fax: +297-582 6567

    They are located on the road that Pricesmart is on by
    the airport.

    or have the hotel / Marriott concierge contact the pharmacy that is open tonight and make an inquiry.

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