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    Do it centre

    Once a problem happens, you can generally accept it.

    Yesterday, we visited the Do it store again. There was no staff interested in assisting us. I walked around and asked for help. Finally, a girl from Electrical came over, but only after complaining that it wasn't her section. We asked for a price and received a surly reply "It's sold". We had intended a purchase of close to 1000US. We walked out. This is not the 1st time for bad service and attitude at this store.

    Well, ....... Never visit again


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    I hate to agree with you on the service there, but you are right. I can never find anyone to ask a question about a product. And that's if they even have it. I have been finding that more and more items are sold out with new stuff coming in. The prices there are not that great either. I know go to one of the two new hardware stores in Noord and have found hem to be helpful and have what I am looking for at a cheaper price. I also find the Kooyman is a much better supplied store with much better staffing. . . . . What we really need here on the island is a Super Wal Mart and a Home Depot. . . .

    Tom and Stanley (the Aruba Guys)

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    i was in the large hardware store in Noord last Month. Actualy, a few times. they had a wide variety of product from hardware to sporting goods.
    The people were friendly and helpful

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