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Thread: Fresh Seafood Market

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    Quote Originally Posted by EHampite View Post
    Can someone please give directions to Zeerovers in Savaneta and what the best time would be to get there to buy fish? We would like to go there on our next trip. Thanks!
    It's right before you get to Flying Fishbone.
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    Thanks, Amy! We'll have to check it out next time.

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    we're staying at the marriott and would like fresh caught fish from locals. are any of these places near the marriott?

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    Fresh Seafood Market?

    I've been coming to Aruba for the last ten years and I've always shopped at Kong Hing for groceries. I'm headed back in March and I'd like to cook at home a few nights (staying in a house) but I'd still like to get really fresh seafood. Never really checked out the butcher department at Kong Hing, but is it fresh or is it imported? Does anyone know of a fresh seafood market? I figured I might as well eat as local/fresh as possible.

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    Any Aruba beach...
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    Also, Zeerovers is a local fishermans bar,(Flying Fishbone area) catch of the day $8.00 a kilo!

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    Yes, thanks for the post Carsten. I will also be in Aruba next week as I just bought a home evidently not too far from where Retagger is building his. I'll be sure to check it out and report back. David, if you're in town, would love to meet you since we're neighbors. Feel free to send me a private message.

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    Hello Cubella,

    I posted the above response over one year ago

    My home is completed and we closed last March. We are you located?


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    when I was there last week I saw some local fishermen selling their catch on the pier at Moomba...dont remember that from last visits, but said to in-laws that next year we would have to try it...the prior day we saw them bring their catch in...their was a ton in their little wooden boat

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    Buying fresh lobsters

    Just wondering if there was a certain grocery store or fish market that I could buy fresh whole lobsters to bring back to our timeshare to cook. Also, would you know an approximate price per pound? We're staying down at the Aruba Marriott Surf Club. Thanks so much

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