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Thread: Geox opens at Rennaissance Mall

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    Geox opens at Rennaissance Mall

    I just saw an ad for Geox shoes opening at the Renn mall. I have never heard of them before. Does any one out there own any? How are they priced? The reason I ask is I have a size 5D foot, and have a hard time finding shoes....maybe, just maybe, they would carry my size if they are specialized...cindy

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    I own Geox shoes and they are sooooooooo comfortable. They range in price from $100 and up. All types of style from walking shoes to dressier shoes.

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    They are high line european shoes - I have a pair and they are ventilated. They are really nice

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    I have one pair. I am usually a wide width but they fit well in normal width. THey are very comfy. About $135 us

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    There is a Geox in the upscale mall here north of Boston. It is a small boutique. Mostly shoes, some outerwear for ladies. Prices ran fairly high, and they did not appear large enough to stock a wider variety of sizes than your average mall shoe store. Here's their website:

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    Shoe shopping in Aruba?
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    OF COURSE!!! If there are shoes you have to shop for them. I'm just sorry that Geox took over from the shoe store that had such cute sandals. I don't pack very many shoes (and I'm here for a long time) as I would always get a couple of pairs of sandals there or elsewhere. Haven't checked the Geox out yet but will probably buy if they're comfy!

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