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Thread: K-Kups for Keurig mini brewer @ lings

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    K-Kups for Keurig mini brewer @ lings

    judy l posted this but it was not going to have the looksee as it would have on its own


    Food shopping question
    I have stayed and food shopping Aruba is great BUT I will be there for a month and wondered if anyone goes to Ling & sons could you see if they sell K-Kups for the Keurig coffee maker.I got the Keurig mini-brewer and plan to bring it with me.Thanks for your help.Judy

    Bruno wants to go to Aruba

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    Thank you Andrea.Hope I can get info.A month in Feb seems great compared to 15 degrees BUT it seems linke a long time to be away.I always use the red phone booth near Ren. but do you have any other ideas to call states?

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