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Thread: Mail order purchasing of food items

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    Mail order purchasing of food items


    My son just came from vacationing in Aruba, and brought back a couple of jars of the Hot Delight pepper sauces (the red and papaya). I've fallen in love with it, never tasted anything like this in the US. Might you know of any store that can sell/ship internationally or websites that sell Hot Delight and other food products from Aruba? I've been googl'ing the internet but to no avail

    I did see there's another thread on this forum about where to buy hot delight, but the link within it doesn't work anymore.

    Any help or advice you can give is much appreciated.

    Regards, Dave

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    I just tried a google and came up with this....not sure if it will work but worth a try....

    "i'm sitting here reading it off the jar.

    it is called hot delight. it is made on aruba by kelant-rose, n.v.


    Good Luck...I will have to try it when I am in Aruba.
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    Old post, but still relevant. I got two bottles of the Papaya hot suace and attempted to email Kelant-Rose to see if it could be ordered from them direct from here in the States. I got crickets back in regards to a response. Anyone figure out how to get while not on the Island?


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    Scotch Bonnet?
    try this thread

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