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Thread: Pandora beware

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    Pandora beware

    I was so excited o get to shop in Aruba, but I did do my homework. Pandora bracelets are the same price in the USA as offerred in any shp in ruba. Matter of factk two shops had a higher price. I double cheked on the internet to be sure I a correct. This made me very wary of buying any other jewelry on my trip this past week.

    I was also disappointed to find mostly American products for sale and most of those aremade in the Orient anywayand still not any cheaper.

    I will come back to Aruba for the sun and relaxation but buyers beware. This is not a bargain shopping paradise. All you save is the tax ratqe and unless yourrate is really high, save your time.

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    Hmmmm...thats funny....when we were there in December I distinctly remember prices in one of the jewelry stores being 10 % lower than US...There is a price increase going on right now with Pandora in the US, so perhaps you were in the "in between" time...

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    Where can I purchase Irish or Celt rings??

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    Aruba is not really the place for 'celt' or 'irish'. Silver stuff can
    be found at Rage on the Ren pier which is your best bet -
    but I'm not even 50% sure you would find it there.

    Even though there are tons of jewelry shops - it still doesn't
    have the total 'variety' you'd find in the US. But on the other
    hand they do have some stuff that I have never seen in the US.

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