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Thread: Puchasing a Variety of Different Liquors

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    Puchasing a Variety of Different Liquors

    I am looking to purchase several different types of liquor for my wedding in Aruba. I understand that you can only puchase one bottle per person duty free when entering Aruba, is this correct? I also read that you can puchase additional bottles but have to pay the duty free tax, however, is there a limit as to how much you can purchase?

    I am looking to purchase the following liqors below and would like to know where I can puchase all of these in Aruba. I went on Ling's website and they only had a very small selection. I am not sure if they have more in the store then is on their website.
    Stoli, Ketle One
    Bacardi, Captain Morgan
    Cuervo Gold
    Jack Daniels
    Seagrams 7
    Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire
    Johnny Walker Red, Johnny Walker Black, Dewars
    Amstel, Corona, and Heineken beer

    Also, does anybody know what kind of bottled water is sold in Aruba?

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    i cannot answer most of the liquor questions, but i think lots more of the liquor IS at the store than listed on the website. yes to capt morgan, jack and both johnny walkers.....and yes to corona and to amstel and heineken.

    as for water.......they sell a few different kinds including sparkling. the most popular is AWA (or something like that) and the water from the tap is good as the bottled.

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    I've probably seen most if not all of these on the island but I'll be going to Ling and Son's during the day tomorrow, it would not hurt for me to swing by the Liquor department and confirm this for you.

    I'll be getting back to you tomorrow.

    Bryan Morris

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