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Thread: RashGaurd/Swimming Shirts

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    RashGaurd/Swimming Shirts

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy some RashGaurd/Swimming shirts. Tough to find in the NorthEast in Nov. I guess we will have to purchase when we get down there.
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    You are leaving on November 14?
    • Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority sells them on line if you wanted to phone the store closest to you and see if they still have any in stock.
    • Order online today and pay for overnight shipping-- Google "rash guard" and there are tons of them for sale
    • Otherwise you are stuck with what you kind find on the island

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    lands end has great ones for all sizes, however, I think you outa luck w/ delivery at this late date..unless they overnite.

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    Coolibar - All the clothes and swim stuff is 50+spf and I can attest that the shirts reall work. I live in S. FL and use them here and in Aruba.

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