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Thread: Recommended Jewelry Shops

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    thanks for the info

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    Thumbs down Jewelry Stores to avoid

    My wife and I have been visiting Aruba for over 30 years, every single year. Every year we want to stay longer so for the last 10 years we spend our winters in Aruba, usually 5-6 weeks. We LOVE the people, the restaurants,the waters and beaches. We are sold on Aruba.
    But unfortunately when a gem like Aruba starts to get over built and over commercialized you have the less trustworthy merchants moving onto the Island.
    We have never ever had a problem with anything we purchased until this past vacation when we made a large purchase from Little Europe. As anniversary present I bought my wife earring and a new engagement ring. Of course the salesman stated it will be appraised for more than you paid etc etc. Any problem we have a service center in New York etc etc.
    Well by the time we arrived home the stones were falling out of the ring, we brought it to our local jeweler who appraised it at a much less than we paid, and he said the quality of the setting and the workmanship was very inferior and the ring will continually loose the stones. I tried numerous times to speak to the owner of the store, Little Europe, but of course - not available. Service center in New York-non existent. When I finally spoke to a salesman he don't worry when you come back next year we will "exchange" it for you.
    The way Little Europe and Times Square do business they probably won't be in business next year
    Buyer Beware and STAY AWAY from Little Europe and Times Square frequent a store that has been on the island longer and doesn't call you "brother" when he first meets you.

    Beware of Little Europe Jewelry Store Oranjestad Aruba
    and Times Square in Palm Beach Aruba

    Scuba Mark
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    I've made some higher end purchases at Gandlemans my last few trips and have been happy with my experience.

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    Another vote for Royal. We were introduced to them by our friends who have been buying from them for 16-18 years. We have bought several pieces from my wife and she loves their stuff. I'm happy with their prices. We think they are good people who take good care of you after the sale.

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    GEMS STONE INTERNACIONAL .... ask for the owners JOSH or SARITA and tell them that BULLY send you.

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    I would recommend Kay's Fine Jewelry (not affiliated with the American chain that has the jingle every kiss begins with Kay). They have 2 shops - Oranjestad and Palm Beach in Aruba, a couple on other Caribbean islands, and 1 in Myrtle Beach, SC. I purchased a watch from them at the Oranjestad store and my wife was interested in some Tazanite earrings which were priced at about $2800. We walked into their store about 15 minutes before they closed and my wife wanted to think about the earrings so we didn't get them at that moment. We decided to go look around the shops at Palm Beach and found the second Kay store. While she was looking at the earrings again I was looking at another watch that I didn't need. I am not a big spender and I had never owned a watch that cost more than $30 until that night when I purchased the first watch. I really liked a watch that was listed for $275. I was not going to buy it since I just bought one no more than 2 hours earlier. My wife started haggling with the salesman and got the price of the earrings down to about $1400. She still wasn't sure if she wanted to spend that kind of money. We had been talking with the owner's son and he came over and said he would make us a great deal. (I wish I could remember his name.) Anyway, he told us he would give her the earrings for $950 and throw in the $275 watch for free. Needlessly to say, my wife has a great pair of earrings and I now have two watches. We spent about $1100 for $3200 (retail price). This goes along with what we had about most jewelry being marked up about 300%. The son and his sales people were very nice. While we were shopping, they offered us water and adult beverages. We had a good experience, got a good deal, and would definitely go back and shop with them. We will be going to the Myrtle Beach location here shortly.

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    Well, now I know why people recommend Kay's in Aruba. I always thought it was part of the Kay's chain in the U.S.
    No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem
    Next Aruba trip in
    Loving Aruba Since Honeymoon 1984

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbcmaster View Post
    Hello All,

    What's everyones recommendations on good places to buy jewelry on the island?
    Don't go to the gold palace--it is a tourist trap, Owner will take you for as much as he can get.

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    Kicking back and relaxing for two weeks, on the beach.. Jewelry Shopping and the Alhambra...........
    I always shop at Kays, they know me by name and always welcome me back. Have done business with them for fourteen years now. Got my engagement ring at Gemani's, nice ppl as well.
    Next Trip September sometime or the other..

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    i have dealt with touch of gold over and over for years. we have such a great relationship with them my husband has ordered stuff from them from home. every piece has superior stones and is made beautifully. i have NEVER had any issues with their jewelry. they have always been wonderful and trustworthy to deal with.

    on a few occasions......(not my family has also bought from the wonderful people at kays. hubby and son....yes my 16 yr old son buys jewelry...also beautifully made and wonderful to deal with. always a fair price.

    i also....and for the life of me i cannot think of which jeweler it was...small store not far from touch of gold....found a pair of sterling silver and blue topaz earrings i loved. not a huge purchase but loved these earrings. bought them and the sales girl packed them up.....went to wear them that night....and i was missing a piece of the earing.(1 piece went in your ear then the 2nd piece with the stone dangled from it) they were already closed and the following day we were leaving....and it was sunday....stores all i called when i got home and he immediately sent a new piece.....which somehow got sent to the wrong i called back to say i never recieved it....they had the wrong address....he immediately sent another!!! and was so apologetic....i told him no problem....i just really wanted to wear them!!! i got it in a few days and thanked him and all was good.....i will find the name of the store because he went above and beyond.

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