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Thread: Renaissance Marketplace

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    Renaissance Marketplace

    Traduction from Dutch to English by Yahoo...

    Renaissance Marketplace extended with amphitheatre
    23 Jun, 2008, 18:22 (GMT -04:00)

    Citycity CITy - with overkapt amphitheatre, new roof and luifels wants make owner Metacorp Renaissance Marketplace for shopping public and tourists still more attractive. Year still this is started with a thorough modernisation. With only rule half-measure the shopping centre is tidied up, but these time the shopping centre except a face-lift also facelift will get, thus spokesman Zugheila lime guarantor. The shops on the side of the Seaport casino get a new luifel as a result of which they get more space. The really large work will take place year next just, after the high season. After the activities Renaissance Marketplace, thus Metacorp, insure there `complete anders' to look forward to. In any case the roof is therefore changed and comes on the square on the side of bar The Plaza and restaurant The Waterfront a covered amphitheatre. Also all flags are replaced and receive the front of the shopping centre `new uitstraling' aluminium facings.

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    Now this addition would be cool. I bet the new mall has given it some competition.

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