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Thread: Visiting the downtown when cruise passengers are visiting

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    Visiting the downtown when cruise passengers are visiting

    i was speaking with a friend who is staying at Divi Village beginning tomorrow.

    He was saying that he and his family always revolve their excursions downtown according to the cruise ship schedule.
    But, what he said surprised me

    He said that cruise ship days are the best jewelry and people watching days (although congested).

    What are your opinions re: cruise ship days downtown?

    I am not wild about the traffic, and if we are planning on a downtown trip we try to use the back roads.

    I try to avoid any travel on weekdays between 2 and 4 on the back roads to traffic!

    (this has also been copied to the shopping category)

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    What I like about shopping Downtown when the cruise ships are in is, it's much easier to browse in a jewelry shop. I like to look around for a bit first. If it's slow you always get salespeople who are so anxious to help. Since we take a taxi, I'm not bothered by the traffic.

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    A few years ago I treated myself to a nice pair of tanzanite and diamond earrings the jewelry store asked what cruise ship I was on as they would be given a discount. After I said I was not on a ship I was still given the discount and bonus gift. I agree with Peg it is less stressful while shopping for certain items when you are not the only person in a store who gets swarmed with salespeople when you walk thru the doors. Some of the smaller souvenir huts are less fun with no room to move on the other hand. Always take a taxi so don't mind the traffic too much and usually end up getting off earlier as our original requested drop off spot is quicker to get to by walking when traffic is crazy.

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