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Thread: What have you bought in Aruba?

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    Aruba since 1979
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    What have you bought in Aruba?

    I do not mean souvenir items like tee shirts etc.
    I am asking about higher end, designer clothes, purses/bags etc...

    Paul and I have bought a few fine jewelry items over the years, but nothing in recent years.
    (I have bought a few Pandora and Chamila beads charms last few visits though)

    What treasures did you buy?

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    I've purchased a few David Yurman pieces (both necklaces) from Gandelmans. Very happy with the purchases and I've had a lot of compliments on the jewelry. Not a big purchase but I bought a bottle of Lost Symphony the cordial liquor they served at Amadeus. Now that they've closed I suppose it's lost forever.

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    On my first trip to Aruba (which was my 50th birthday), I purchased a Movado watch at Little Switzerland. On another trip, I purchased a pair of amethyst earrings from a jewelry store downtown, and I can't remember the name of it.

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    In the pool.
    We hit the Ralph Lauren sale in February and stock up. It's madness.

    As denoted in my post about Price Smart liquor prices, we scour the island looking at things and comparing prices: everything... furniture, linens, kitchen wares.

    But we`re coming at this from an ownership perspective so may not be apples to apples for the answer relative to other forum members.

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    I'm a huge fan of the Caribbean Queen store, which has all one of a kind handmade artisan pieces. The Palm is one of their shops, too, but the Caribbean Queen is my favorite. I buy so much there that when they had a launch party they invited me, lol. It is the first shop I hit when I'm there. Me & My Sis is a great shop for shoes. They actually own three shops all next to each other. One clothes, one shoes and one coed.

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    Our first trip (in 03) we bought a Tag watch for DH and a Cartier ring for myself. A year ago DH bought a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses. I would love to buy some original art, but have not found the right thing yet. We'll see what trouble we can get into in a couple weeks

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    2 rings my DH bought me for birthday gifts. One is tanzanite with diamonds a band style, the other is a beautiful fire opal with tanzanite stones on each side. I wear the fire opal one on top of the band style one, they are a beautiful match and look like they belong together. I treated myself to a pair of tanzanite and diamond earrings last year. I always associate tanzanite with Aruba as I first saw this stone on my first visit years ago from a lady I met in the hot tub. I have heard that the tanzanite industry is almost going to be gone forever so trying to have as many pieces as possible to treasure.

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    Our first year the Hyatt casino was kind to me. I purchased a Rado watch and a titanium and gold cable braclet for me. I treated DW to a really cute Aaron Basha ladybug ring. Since then, we've not done anything high end just a few pieces of jewelry (costume jewelry) for DW..... oh yeah, Tiffany fragrances a coupla times when the store opened in Little Switzerland.

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    On our first (our honeymoon) we purchased a pair of pearl & diamond earrings for my mom. During that visit DH bought a watch. When the watch crapped out years later he decided he couldn't possibly buy another, unless it was in Aruba so the next trip he got another watch
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Guarantees every year are Perfume and Cologne. It is a little cheaper then in the states but we do it more out of tradition I guess. Also my wife always buys Sterling silver jewlery from Rage...A bunch of rings and earnings.

    Larger purchases through the years are a few higher end pieces of Jewelry for DW. The only larger purchase for me was a movado watch. My grandfather had passed away and left each grandkid a little bit. Instead of blowing it, i bought something I would keep forever from a place I love.

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