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Thread: what time do the stores downtown close?

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    what time do the stores downtown close?

    I heard 6pm. Is that true?

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    Some stores are open a little later but most close at 6.There is plenty of new shopping in Palm Beach.

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    Renaissance Mall started a couple of months ago to close now at 8 pm.

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    Renaissance Mall Hours

    When we were in Aruba this past July, the shops at Renaissance Mall were closing at 8 p.m.
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    the small stores in downtown close between 5 & 6. Renaissance closes about 8. But in the high rise district, the Paseo Herencia Mall is open till like 9 or 10 and the little stores on that strip are open later. I was surprised that Paseo was open as late as it was but it was always busy. And its nice because its open and their entertainment and restaurants and stores...

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