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Thread: where is best shopping place to buy

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    Kewlkate, thanks for your post. I'll check it out when we are there in May. I also saw an article that said there was a vendor with a kiosk across from the Radison that had the jewelry, so maybe between the two spots I'll find what I'm looking for.

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    i am here now,and was looking for a few authentic things to bring home to NJ. Was very disappointed alot of stuff was " made in china"

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    There aren't a lot of 'made in Aruba' souvenirs in the shops around the island. It's easier to find stuff made in Africa.

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    I purchased a beautiful hand painted clip for my hair many years ago at one of the kiosks in the high rise area. I love it so much I do not wear it a lot (crazy I know), i am so afraid to break it. I have very think hair and this one is perfect and so, so pretty. Of course I went back the following year to the same location in hopes of finding more but I think it was one of a kind. I always treasure it.

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