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Thread: Where to buy yarn in Aruba

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    Where to buy yarn in Aruba

    Where is a good place to buy yarn in Aruba?

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    I am a crafter who does cross stitch here so I have looked all over
    the place for craft supplies.

    There isn't really any 'great' place to go to. Limited small quantities
    are available.

    1st place is right by where the 'la fondue' is. I forget
    the name of the store though.

    2nd place you you might get it
    is at the Palais Hindu by ling's. If you go on the road by the AMC
    and take your first left by the Visser on the corner, drive down
    that road and it's like the first store.

    I did a google on both places. The Palais Hindu's website is funky.

    If anyone can give directions to where the old La Fondue is -
    that might help. If you are going down the one way road
    you can get here by going by the old "brenchies'. You would
    pass La Fondue and it's a few stores down.

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    Don't ask why "I" would know about where to find yarn . . . lol. My wife needed to buy some for when we were there last month - her 81 year old mother keeps busy knitting dish cloths and ran out of yarn (although we have lots of dish cloths) . . . I was inclined to set up a stall for her to sell them at the market near the Paddock downtown . . . lol

    Lizzardo, I believe la Fondu is located on the same street as the police station downtown - further south and on the same side of the street . . . down further than Que Pasa - I believe the street is called Wilhelminastraat. Palais Hindu did not have any yarn. the other place I heard was the La Linda department store (which we didn't get to because we found la Fondu) which I believe is located on the main street Caya G.F. Betico Croes, behind the Renaissance plaza.

    Hope that helps!


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    La Linda is a possibility - problem with that place is they
    have multiple stores, are closed for lunch from 12 - 2
    and they doing construction on the street and it's closed

    Just looked at the phone book - they have places listed
    under 'arts and crafts supplies' which are just wrong -
    Mopa Mopa? The place I'm thinking of and Palais Hindu
    are not listed.

    I can see the sign for the place by La Fondue - but it's eluding
    me. It will prob. 'leap' into my head later on.

    One place I have not gone to is called the 'craft shop'
    in Tanki Leendert - no idea what's there.

    Crafting (except carnival & Christmas related and sewing) not
    really done here. Some beading and lampworking is here too.
    Same thing goes for looking for a book store.

    I have to do all my cross stitch stuff mail order. But it's tiny stuff
    so not so expensive for shipping.

    Off to drink more coffee - maybe that will jolt my brain!
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    Masy-Fral N.V.

    Review Address: Wihelminastraat 62
    Phone: (297) 582-3792
    Fax: (297) 583-3681

    Other place is The Craft shop
    Tanki Leendert 241
    587 8272

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