I have been coming to Aruba yearly for the past 14 years. Obviously, I love Aruba. On my recent trip, I purchased a defective diamond ring from Artistic Boutique located in the Holiday Inn. One diamond fell out the night before I left Aruba and another fell out the day after I returned. The store was closed the night before I left and they did not answer the phone. I had the ring repaired here in the states and asked that they reimburse me for the repair costs. They are refusing to cover this because I did not return it to them for repair. At no time did anyone mention any type of warranty or the fact that the item would have to be repaired in Aruba to me at the time of purchase. I would not have been comfortable returning the ring even if I had known about this "warranty". I feel a reputable company would back the item. I sent them pictures of the ring and copies of all receipts.

My warning is to be wise. If I had thought this would happen, I never would have made the purchase.