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Thread: Avoid Amigo Rent-a-Car

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    Avoid Amigo Rent-a-Car

    Just a heads up folks, I wanted to share my November car rental experience. I rented from Amigo Car rental on 11/8 and returned on 11/18, for the second year in a row when I arrived at the airport office to return the vehicle at 10:00 AM the office was locked and no one to be found. I called the office and was told someone would be coming from downtown after being told to "just put the keys under the mat"(I wondered what my credit charges would be when I got home.) After waiting for 30 minutes someone finally showed up. Every other rental agency had their offices fully staffed at 10:00 AM. I called the owner Gerrit Meijer from the airport terminal and was provided with the same lip service as last year, "oh, let me look into it". When I arrived home I sent Gerrit an e-mail simply asking why he does not staff his office during regular business hours, never received a response. Just a piece of advice AVOID AMIGO CAR RENTAL! John M.

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    I agree... Avoid Amigo Rent-a-Car!! They are never in their office!! When you arrive to pick up your reserved car, you have to mill around outside looking for them. Then, when you return your car, it's worse! You have a flight to catch and no one is in the office to sign your car back in and settle your bill!! Very unprofessional!!

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    Their cars are beat up.

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