Palm Beach: You can park your car at right of the MArriot surf club, and you have the plus of the trees that protect the car from the heat and light of arubian sun.

Eagle Beach: Ok, if you go to eagle beach you HAVE to see the big parking zone that eagle beach has (with some trees too)

Baby beach: Is the same of eagle beach

Arashi: Has a very big parking zone

Druif: Druif is the most complicated for park because doesn't have a park area and if you do like me you can park behind a tree that is just at the right sidewalk corner of druif but a golfcar almost kill me so, you have to take care yourself with the golf cars in this area

Malmok: Oh!!!! Malmok is the most romantic place of this island at the sunset time and you can park in front of this beach (Sunset beach villas has a wonderful parking zone) Beware with the 'sapitos' I saw 3 inside the water (sapitos is a fish who can bite you if you don't have any booties or flip flops (hurt a lot, trust me) and if you are allergic to them you can die!).

PD. SOrry fOr My bAd eNgLish