John Heald the Sr. Cruise Director for Carnival puts out a blog.
He mentions in today's blog about being careful on Mopeds in Cozumel, Mexico.

I encourage you to read it and substitute ARUBA for Cozumel (wow i cannot believing i am using those 2 words in the same sentence )

Anyway here it is.
A good warning.

He is a very funny man and I always enjoy his written word.
Thank you John Heald
and with his is his advice remember, insert the word Aruba.

Here is a message we put on every ship’s Funtimes that calls at Cozumel, Mexico………”Safety Message: Renting mopeds or scooters can be hazardous.”

Over the years I have been onboard when many terrible accidents ashore have occurred involving hired transportation…………particularly in Cozumel. At home, you have your car serviced regularly and put through service and allow the experts to make sure it’s safe. You like to know that the brakes work. So how come on vacation you are quite happy to rent something from a company called El Cheapo Rent A Moped who makes you sign all sorts of forms you can neither read nor understand before you race away from the ship heading for adventure.

And then you ride your moped aroud the island much too quickly in shorts and a pair of sodding flip-flops. Most people understand the dangers of drunk driving and would never ever do it at home. So why then do so many jeep and moped accidents happen after the driver has consumed 23 shots of tequila at Carlos and Frogs.

I just spoke to a CD colleague of mine who was telling me about an accident this past week involving some guests and mopeds in Cozumel. It could have been much worse and they were apparently very, very lucky. Some may say that on vacation and on a Carnival cruise we become thrill seeking, fun filled people. And that when we go home we do so to an everyday and maybe monotonous life.

There is nothing wrong with being thrill seeking, fun filled people………………just make sure you chose carefully what you do ashore…………so that you get to do the coming home bit.