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Thread: Bicycles

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    While in Aruba in May, we noticed lots more folks on bikes than we had ever noticed before.

    We saw groups of folks on bikes (looked like organized tours) go past boca catalina beach a few times in the mornings while we were there.
    We also saw groups of folks on bikes in the Alto Vista area.

    Have you ever ridden a bike in Aruba or been on one of the Aruba bike tours?

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    No bicycles for us, but I did notice that Holiday Inn has them available for their guests to use. Thought this would be a good place to mention it.

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    Ain't happening in this family

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    Only bike I am riding is one made for two and the hubby doing all the peddling..

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    When we were down in San Nic in February we noticed a lot of the roads had been repaved with nice bike lanes... a good sign! Hopefully that'll extend up into Noord.

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    I attempted a mountain bike tour up to the light house a few years ago from those guys that give wind surfing lessons. It was too hot and I was out of shape to be peddling up those hills so I just rode around the boca catalina area, Arashi Beach etc. The bike was old and beat up though. I got a great work out but did not think it was worth $50.00.

    When I stayed at La Cabana in May, the activity desk had a bike tour to the butter fly farm, boca catalina and back..

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    every time I have been there (Nov/Dec), there is a bike race. I know because they congregate at the parking lot in Arashi Beach. They start off there & end there but I have no idea where they go. I know there is a police presence to stop the cars along the way. Usually I've seen about 50 people maybe, give or take. And every night when we leave the gold coast to go to the high rise, there are at least 5 to 10 people on bikes. Some have reflectors, some don't which is a bad thing since there are no lights on that road to the high rise area. Even if I had the inclination to bike, I wouldn't do it on that road.

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    My DH rode a bike a few years back while at Divi AI, at the Tam you can ride bikes they have. It is one of my favorite pictures of dh he had a ball riding from Tam to Divi around the golf course and back to Tam.

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