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Thread: Bicycling around aruba/O-stead

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    Bicycling around aruba/O-stead

    How hard is it to get around on bikes from tamarjn to O-stead area? Is traffic nuts or do cars respect riding around?

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    not advisable in my opinion.
    sometimes traffic is nuts.
    sometimes drivers are nuttier.

    and the wind, blows sand and dirt making it even more of a challenge....the roads could be treacherous.

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    Please don't do it. Drivers in Aruba are nuts. Take the bus, it's much safer.

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    My swimming pool with a 7/7 or in my boat with a fishing rod looking in at Malmok.
    More and more people are biking here, so of course you can do it.
    But neither the car drivers nor the bikers are used to each other so be a bit careful.
    Also be careful when riding in the residential areas as you will be spooked by the dogs that are running around loose and have the bad habit of chasing everything that is moving.


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    My wife and I rode four about 4 and a half hours , we had a great time. It is an adventure take a few bottles of water and a few bucks to stop and buy a gatorade. We rode from Holiday Inn to O-stad then inland to the circle through Noord up past the golf course , down to Boca Catilna and returned. It was a great way to see the Island , but you definately need to be aware of cars traffic.

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    Stay aware, pay attention, be a little more cautious than you would be in your own environment, and you'll be fine. As noted, the drivers can be a little nuts, however, if you stick to where you're supposed to be, (play it safe and stay OFF the road, there's lots of space beside the road for bicycles) you should be safe. The Lady and I take a pair of bikes from the Tamarijn every year and ride into Oranjestad, and we've honestly never had a problem, likely because we...
    stay aware, pay attention, and are a little more cautious than we would be in our own environment.

    Enjoy it, and don't forget the sunscreen. A long ride can lead to a nasty burn on the backs of the hands, and that's most uncomfortable.
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    Any Aruba beach...
    The Tamarijn also offers a bicycle excursion free of charge to snorkel at Boca Catalina. It is about a 6 mile ride each way.

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