We did not rent a car on our first trip and only for 3 days on our second. On our 3rd trip we booked a car for the entire trip through Econo car rental which had a booth at the airport. This was in 1998. After we had booked the car I noticed that their office closed at 7pm and our American flight did not arrive until 9:30pm. I sent an Email to see if we would still be able to pick up the car. Their response was that the car would be in the lot next to their hut with our name on the windshield and the keys would be under the front drivers side tire. We would need to go first thing in the morning to their location at La Quinta and do the paperwork. When we arrived, sure enough, there it was just like they said. If you did that here, the car would be stolen. That is how it was back then though. They probably don't do that any more.