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Thread: Bus route to Alto Vista?

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    Bus route to Alto Vista?

    This question would be for the seasoned members on the board.
    Does anyone know if there's a bus route that goes out by the Alto Vista chapel? I've heard rumours of one, many of the locals have mentioned it to me, however I've never had any luck finding any info online at the Arubus site. Could be because there's a name for the area that I'm not familiar with, which is always possible.

    If anyone knows anything, I'd really appreciate the info.
    I'd love to be able to organize a labyrinth walk out there, that would be inspiring.
    Mr. Ratt
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    Hi Mr Ratt. I am wondering if you ever found your way to the labyrinth? I too would love to walk it while I am there in Dec 2011.

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    i went over the schedule/routes and see nothing for alto vista :-(

    if you go to that arubaus link, there is a "contact us"
    try writing to them to ask about the alto vista question.

    good luck

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