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Thread: Bus service

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    Bus service

    Have there been any changes to the bus service? Is it still just $2.30 pp round trip?

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    2 months ago when I was there it still was $2.30 round trip. You can see the bus schedule at

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    arubus to baby beach?

    Hi, I looked through the forum and looked at the arubus schedule..but still am unsure of this. Can the Arubus take me from the main hotel area (staying at the marriott surf club) to baby beach? Maybe by tranfering bus lines?

    My husbad and I don't plan on renting a car and the taxi ride is too expensive.


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    From what I've been told, the buses go as far as San Nicolas. From there, you have to take a taxi to Baby Beach. Has anyone done this? Are taxis easy to get down there, and what would it cost? I think a taxi from the low-rise area will cost about $40 each way. That seems crazy. It would be cheaper to rent a car. Please let me know the cheapest way to get to Baby Beach.

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    I suppose you could take a taxi from the bus station in SN to BB, but have no idea how much. The most convenient thing to do would be to rent the cheapest compact car you could find.

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