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Thread: Car Rental Accident

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    Smile Car Rental Accident

    While in Aruba in Feb 08 my friend was involved in an accident where he slid
    off the rotary after a rain and damaged a wheel & perhaps some suspension damage. He rented the vehicle from Ruba Car Rental. His credit card was charged for the repair while still on the island. At this date and after numerous calls to Ruba he still has not received a copy of the repair bill or list of details so he can be reimbursed as the vehicle was charged on a credit card. He had declined Ruba’s insurance and opted instead the coverage offered through his cc entity.
    The owner of Ruba keeps telling him he will submit the details but it hasn't happened
    since that time. Been 3 + months since the accident occurred. His credit card was charged but he doesn’t have any documentation yet to get reimbursed for or know the nature of the expenses.Have any of you BB members had any similar experiences with Ruba or any rental company Car Rental? How to further proceed?

    What recourse is there?

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    >>> "What recourse is there?"
    ----- File a PROTEST with the Credit Card Company/Bank at once.
    Do you have a copy of the Rental Agreement stating the normal charges?
    Was a Police Report written?
    Mail copies of both of these with the Protest to the Credit Card Company/Bank so they can see the difference between the rental and the repair costs.
    There is a time limit on filing a PROTEST so do that at once. Call the Credit Card Company/Bank at once and let them know you are protesting a charge. Some have a PROTEST Form to fill out.

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