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Thread: Car Rental Guidance - At Airport Or Off?

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    Car Rental Guidance - At Airport Or Off?

    Got the the place (private home in Santa Cruz - Villas Kadushi Largo) for an upcoming October trip. My girlfriend and I are definitely 'explorers' so a rental car is a necessity. Based on many recommendations I've seen on this forum, it seems like people rent off-property versus with the rental companies (AVIS, Budget, Alamo) that are right at the airport.

    To me, it seems like a hassle to have to find a rep to drive you off-property, transfer luggage from the transport vehicle to your rental and then tip. Not to mention having to do it all over again upon your return. Perhaps I'm missing something as I look at rental cars as a 'commodity item' that really just comes down to price and convenience.

    What am I missing?
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    In Aruba, the car rental places that have to take you off property to get the car have it down to a science. its not an inconvenience. and usually they will meet you at the airport to drop off the car upon departure 9 times out of 10, so most times you are talking only off property once. The price is usually cheaper than renting at the airport because they don't have to pay the airport tax, which is high, which they gladly pass on to you to pay.

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    We always rent from Hertz at the airport for a number of reasons:

    1) I've rented with Hertz all over the world and never had a problem. I can't say the same thing for a lot of other car rental companies.
    2) On one of our first trips, I left our back pack in the back seat - the material was disturbingly similar to the car seat material - it had ALL our financial and banking information in it (we were in the process of buying real estate). I didn't realize until we were at the airline check out counter. I can't imagine the nightmare if we'd rented off-site... I ran across the median at the airport to the Hertz office and had the back pack back within ten minutes.
    3) The convenience - it's right there - check in counter and car lot.

    Yes, it's more expensive but, in my experience, worth it.

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    I have used Ace Car Rental for several years and have not had any problems. They will meet you near the exit area from the airport and have a car nearby and do the paper work on site lately. If you need to go to their office they will take you and it is nearby off site.

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    We have rented from Avis, Tropic and Budget on site and More4Less and Royal off site. One thing I've noticed about off site rentals is that the people at the place make sure you have all of your belongings, where at the airport you park and are responsible for getting all of your stuff from the car. In either case it's pretty painless. We rent for three weeks, so it's more about the price than location for us.

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    I used to rent exclusively from Royal because they always seemed to have the best prices. Nowadays I rent from a different agency each trip for research for my podcast. Only one time have I found the transfer process to be even the slightest bit inconvenient. On that particular trip, it looked like half the plane decided to use the same agency we did, so they had to make multiple trips to the office. For that one, we had to wait probably 15 minutes for the shuttles to drop off and then come back for us. As far as transferring bags, they do it all for you. You just have to make sure they don't miss anything.

    This time down we used Amigo which is at the airport. I wouldn't say the process was any smoother, just different. Pulling my luggage along the narrow sidewalk in the back of the rental agencies, amongst people who have no sense of awareness was every bit as annoying as having to wait for a shuttle to return.

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    We use Wheels2go. The process is seamless.


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