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Thread: Car Rental for a Month

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    Car Rental for a Month

    Hi I have been living in Aruba for a few months and am interested in renting a car for about a month. Looking to spend between $400 - $550 USD. I spoke to Adolf at Ace Rental Car last Thursday and he said he would have a car for me today but have not been able to get in touch with him today. Spoke to someone at the airport from his company and they said they dont have anything on record for me.

    Anyone have a recommendation or words of advice. I am looking for a reliable car through a trustworthy person.

    I have called most of the major rental agencies and all of them are looking for about 800-1000 USD for a month.

    My neighbor rents through Deal on Wheels but they get a discount because they have been renting for so long.

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    car rental

    We have used Ecno for a month for years now. It is a small, small car I believe a Chevy spark or that type, but they are usually new. We have always had good service. The price for that type is $148 a week not including taxes.


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