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Thread: Car Rental w/Car Seat Rental?

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    Car Rental w/Car Seat Rental?

    We are planning to rent from Royal when we arrive on Saturday and they have the option of getting a car seat with the rental. Our 9 mo old will need a seat and renting one will eliminate the need to trek it on the plane.

    Has anyone ever rented a car seat from a car rental?

    would you have any concerns doing, cleanliness ect?


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    Its been a long time since we used a car seat so can't comment on Royal car seats. Having rented from them a few times, cars are fine, nothing special. Obviously, it is easier not to travel with a car seat but I am just going to throw this out there...
    If you have had an accident (even a small impact) and a child has been sitting in a car seat, you are to replace it (I know this first hand). How likely is it that a car rental company in Aruba would not reuse a car seat when it should have been replaced??
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    Cool You may want to bring your own car seat.

    I rented a car and car seat from Royal when I went to Aruba a few years ago. The car seat was a forward facing seat and I had to instal it myself when they brought me my car rental. The seat was fine for my 2 year old daughter (i.e. it was clean, all the buckles worked etc.), however, I am not sure if it would have been appropriate for a smaller child (i.e. infant). As such, you may want to e-mail Royal and see if they have infant car seats available. If they do not rent infant car seates, it is probably a good idea to bring your own.

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    Car Rental Vs Car Seat

    Our children are grown now and never had the need for a car seat because they were young adults when we first starting visiting Aruba. As far as a car seat being clean, they probably are. But the germs are still out there. However, being a doting grandma LOL, my advice to you is not to leave anything to chance. You most certainly need a car seat for a baby up to a two or 3 year old or a small 4 year old. If I were you, I would bring some kind of sani wipes and place them in your diaper bag or carryon so they are easy to reach. Just wipe the seat down all over just to be sure after you first enter the rental car. While we're at it, I was riding with a local friend on our last trip and automatically fastened my seat belt. He said to me, why are you doing that? You don't need a seat belt, you are in Aruba!! Then he said, when he was in the states for vacation, he used the seat belt only because he was riding on high ways. He by the way, was not wearing his seat belt. Also, check the seat belts in your rental car and make sure they work, including the seat belt on the car seat. Hope this information was helpful
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