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Thread: Car Rental - to wait or book

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    Car Rental - to wait or book

    Could you tell me if it is ok to wait until we arrive to book a 4x4. That is what we did last time but we are going in mid march this time and don't know how busy it will be. We need it for less than a week 3-4 day rental. Thx!

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    I would book it in advance - you are going at a busy time and if you want a specific vehicle, booking in advance will insure you get what you want.

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    Why would you wait? All the major car rental companies will give you a reservation number without a credit card commitment. March is a very busy month, in fact I made my reservation for March 5th over a month ago, and prices have already gone up $25 for the week since then. Do it now.

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    I vote too for booking in advance. We have gotten shut out on 4 x 4 's in September when it is REALLY slow. Now is high season.

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