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Thread: Car Seat is it the law?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom and Stanley View Post
    I would strongly suggest you use one not mater what the law here is. Most drivers here are as careful as in the states and for the one time you don't use it, that will be when something happens. . . I do believe that most car rental places will let use one free of charge. . .

    Tom and Stanley (the Aruba Guys)
    I agree. My daughter & SIL would never not have a car seat when travelling in a vehicle.

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    Hello, I know the rental car companies have them as well. Most are free of charge but some charge a daily fee. I would ask your rental car company if they provide you with one and if there is a cost. Im not sure / cant remember if the airlines charge to check a car / booster seat. I would think though, you would be able to carry a booster seat on and / or gate check one.

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