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Thread: Are car seats required in cabs?

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    car seat

    These posts answer my car seat questions too. THX

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Ratt View Post
    Like a lot of you, I can remember the times in my life when the concept of seat belts, let alone a car seat was, well, laughable. As many a comedian has said, I can recall laying on the back deck of the car on the ride down 41 heading into Florida. At any rate, as for traffic accidents on the island... what we haven't seen hasn't affected us.
    The stuff happens, and it happens more than we lucky tourists might imagine.

    Take a quick peek on this site, mostly news reports, lots of crash photos, so be careful where you wander.

    Put on your seat belt, strap in the little ones, wear a helmet if you ride (I KNOW how great the temptation is... believe me)

    And mostly, be safe and have a wonderful time in paradise...
    with any luck, I'll just have to wait until October to get back there...
    Mr Ratt, YOU are right on with all of your posts. I enjoy reading them all . thanks for posting ! cindyo

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